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Set Program

Set Cv Out

Le Note Live Software

  • • Multi Setting Cv Out

The Rack Extensions “Set Program” is a utility particularly suitable for live performances, which allows you to set 6 “CV Out” values between -127 to +127. For each program number selected with the “Set Program” knob (from 0 to 127) corresponds to a setting of the 6 “Cv Out”. The value of each set is carried out with the 6 “Set” checks.
If you use multiple “Set Program” Rack Extensions to have more “Out Set” it is advisable to control all the “Knobs” with a “Rotary Combinator” control. If this option is not available the Rack Extensions can be cascaded through the “Thru” and “In Sel” and activate with the “Slave” switch all the modules except the first.
Update 1.0.4
Refresh also the “Cv Out B” which has the same value as the previous program change.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible