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SPLEX Crossover/Compressor

SPLEX Multiband Comp


  • • Multiband Compressor

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Three-band compressor & expander with adjustable high-quality filters. Each band has a compressor with fully independent controls for ratio, threshold, knee sharpness, attack, release, and make-up gain.

Product details

SPLEX is a three-band compressor and expander with a breakout section and sidechain inputs for each band. Use the filters alone for multiband signal splitting with minimal phase distortion, use the compressors to expand the highs and add oomph to the lows, clarify the midrange... with many connection options on the back panel the possibilities are endless.


  • Choice of Linkwitz-Riley LR2, LR4, or LR8 crossover filters, or a specially designed complementary Bessel for minimal phase distortion
  • Compression ratios less than 1:1 allow for expansion of the input signal
  • Soft knee transition with adjustable sharpness for each compressor
  • Sidechain inputs for each band
  • Breakouts to insert your own processing after the crossover filters but before the compressor stage
  • CV output of compressor/expander gain change
  • Bypass/solo buttons for each band to easily audition your adjustments


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Released: 2015-09-08
Version: 1.1.1