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The Animus Shimmerverb Ensemble

Granular Shimmer FX

Jiggery-Pokery Sound

  • • 6-Channel Shimmer Reverb
  • • Granular Pitch Effects
  • • Classic Reverb Envelope-Follower

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A first for the Rack Extension format, JPS presents Reason's premier Shimmer Reverb device!

Inspired by the classic 80s effect originally created by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno, by pitch-shifting a long-decay reverb and applying a high feedback, you can create a shimmering pad that sits under the original signal. The effect is particularly useful on decaying sounds, such as pianos and guitars, yet can be used to create interest to any input audio.

The Animus features up to six independent and highly-tweakable shimmer channels, driven by a long-decaying algorthimic reverb, or a set of high quality convolution impulses, giving you the perfect shimmerverb: from the smooth and the subtle, through to distorting granular pitch effects, you can even layer and mix different shimmer effects within the same device!

The original reverb can be mixed back into the shimmered signal to control the depth of the shimmer itself, while the reverb can be filter-modulated along with the shimmer, or it can bypass the filter.

Product details

  • Algorithmic reverb with envelope follower
  • 125 additional convolution reverbs, including reversed and combined reverbs
  • Six granular pitch-shifters with up to +/- 24 semitone shifts, pre-delay, density, feedback, distortion and level mixing
  • Gate button allows audio to bypass/enter the FX chain as required
  • Clean "DDL" and vintage "BBD" style modes. For normal shimmer we recommend leaving this set to "DDL" mode, and use "BBD" mode for special effect requiring aliasing.
  • LFO with pitch-mod phase and rate offset
  • Resonant filter with additional distortion
  • Two-band EQ
  • Reverb/Shimmer mixer allows the original Reverb and the Shimmer to be finely mixed
  • Reverb can be modulated by the Filter and EQ, or can bypass those modules to only have the Shimmer modulated
  • Low and High FX Cut to tame unwanted lows and highs for easier post-device mixing
  • FX Gain to trim/boost the overall FX volume into the main Dry/Wet mixer
  • Dry Pan provides a quick way to oppose the dry and wet signals



  • Modulation knobs have been hived off from the Pitch controls, and can now be pointed at any control on the respective Shimmer channel via an addiitonal Shimmer Mod Routing bus, accessible by pressing the Mod Target Select button next to the "Mod" heading label.


  • Added a further 25 straight and mixed impulses of increased length.


  • The convolution menu, convolution display, and all patches now indicate typical DSP impact from 0 (low) to 3 (high)
  • Fixed an issue with convolution impulse selection


  • Fixed an issue with the signal meter
  • "The Blessed" is no longer in the quick patch list...



Released: 2019-04-08
Version: 1.0.6