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kHs Toolbox

SnapHeap + all Snapins

Kilohearts AB

  • • 24 high quality effects
  • • Mix & match FX from the toolbox in a modular way
  • • Build the signal chain you want

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The Kilohearts Toolbox will change the way you think about sound design forever. It contains a huge number of high-quality audio effect building blocks and Snap Heap, the perfect tool for combining them. Together these components offer incredible ease of use and versatility which leads to more creativity and inspiration. Forget about all those complex routings and sends! With The Kilohearts Toolbox you will be quicker then you ever thought possible!

Product details

The kHs Toolbox is a bundle of 24 snapins along with the Snapin host Snap Heap.

The following effects are included in the bundle:

  • Bitcrush - Simulate lo-fi sound sources
  • Chorus - Enhanced stereo effect
  • Comb Filter - Cut frequencies at intervals
  • Compressor - Dynamics processor
  • Delay - Echoing effect
  • Distortion - Versatile distortion effect
  • Filter - Common filter effects
  • Formant Filter - Vocal coloring
  • Frequency Shifter - Dissonant shifting
  • Gain - Volume control
  • Gate - Noise floor removal
  • Haas - Stereo widening
  • Ladder filter - Flavorful filtering
  • Limiter - Volume threshold
  • Phaser - Sweeping effects
  • Pitch Shifter - Harmonic shifting
  • Resonator - Harmonic resonance
  • Reverb - Spatial simulation
  • Reverser - Reversed echo
  • Ring Mod - Multiply and conquer
  • Stereo - Width and panning
  • Tape Stop - Tape speed simulation
  • Trance Gate - Sequenced gate
  • Transient Shaper - Shaper of transients

These plugins where designed to do away with as much complexity and frustration as possible, making your workflow so much faster and more fun. By saving your valuable time with straight-forward UI:s and easy-to-understand labels you can focus on creativity.

NOTICE: When purchasing the kHs Toolbox you will not automatically get licenses to future additions to the bundle.

What's a SNAPIN?

Well, snapins are regular old plugins that you can use for a multitude of purposes. They come in a bunch of different flavors and we create more all the time. The thing is that they also work as modular effect pieces that you can combine in our snapin host plugins.

"I just purchased the entire bundle and it changed my life. The simplistic approach is just perfect! ... I've not appreciated plugins like yours in a long time." - ZOMBOY



Released: 2017-05-29
Version: 1.0.0


Kilohearts AB