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Flexible spring reverb


  • • 3 different reverberation tanks
  • • Multi-mode filter, with variable type blend
  • • 76 factory presets, NKS-compatible

Twangström is a highly flexible spring-reverb box-of-tricks, and one of a kind. It's central element, the reverberation tank, is fully based on 'physical modelling'. As opposed to plug-ins using impulse responses (IRs) with their limited expression and manipulation options, the modelling technology in Twangström mimics the actual physics of mechanical reverberation. Thus it is not reproducing sonic results, it is actually simulating their origin, with all the facets, oddities and subtleties. Twangström recreates typical 60s Twang & Surf with ease, and with 100% authenticity.

All sound parameters are controllable in realtime, on a per-sample-basis. This means control over the sought-after aesthetics of spring reverberation, and total freedom when going further from there.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible