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Many iconic sounds of the 80s were created using FM synthesis, but why stop there? With Algoritm we have ramped up that technology, so you can create the iconic sounds of the 20s.

With nine operator slots that you can connect any way you want, Algoritm takes FM synthesis to a new level. Classic FM operators are at the heart of Algoritm, but each slot can also house a wavetable oscillator, shaper, or filter for a wealth of both familiar and new sounds. This is an instrument designed to make it fun and easy to explore the world of FM, a type of synthesis known for being unapproachable and obtuse for anyone but the most invested.

Algoritm comes stacked with modulation capabilities and sound-shaping effects to finish your sounds. With the three built-in LFOs and two flexible Curves, you can add complex movement far beyond the classic envelopes of FM. The effects include key ingredients to sound great, like reverb and delay, but also a unique unison section for a thicker sound and a resonator with loads of character.

If you don’t want to dive head first into the depths of frequency modulation, you can still reach the deepest levels of sound complexity by rolling the dice with the Randomizer. Just drag it to morph the chosen synth parameters into an endless source of new sounds. Or use any of the over 250 expertly crafted patches for a taste of the incredible sounds you can make with Algoritm.

Algoritm is just waiting for the right sound explorer to take control and create the fresh, new sounds that will shape the future. Yes, that is a challenge. You can do it!


Algoritm feature 0
Nine slots, each configurable as FM operator, oscillator, filter or shaper
Algoritm feature 1
Freely connect the operator slots to create your algorithms
Algoritm feature 2
Randomize any patch into brand new sounds
Algoritm feature 3
Expansive set of modulation sources and effects

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