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BV-X Multimode Vocoder is a modern take on the classic vocoder effect. It just got easier than ever to take your vocals in a new direction, even if you can’t sing.

BV-X Multimode Vocoder gives you access to the all-time classic vocoder sound with no hassle. Simply add it as an effect on your track to get started, the incoming audio (“Modulator”) will shape the sound of the built-in synth (“Carrier”). Enable Auto Play and you don’t even have to play any MIDI notes, BV-X will track along with your voice. Define a scale and play the keyboard for instant tracking harmonies. Or do what producers have been doing since the 70s and play the vocoder with exactly the MIDI notes you want.

While the basics are simple, BV-X does have more than a few tricks up its digital sleeve. The two distinct vocoder modes, Vintage and Modern, cover everything from retro crunch to incredible clarity with a few simple parameters and the built-in synth is filled with wavetables beyond the classic analog waveforms. Add an effect section with 8-voice unison, six effects tailored for creative vocal processing, and a lush reverb, and you’re not starved for sonic horsepower.

For total control, look no further than the Mod Matrix. Deceptively simple, it allows for extremely dynamic vocoder sounds. How about sweeping the wavetable based on how loud you sing? Or turning up an effect every time there’s a consonant? Or perhaps freezing the vocoder as soon as you go silent? BV-X lets you do all that, and much more we haven’t even thought of yet.

To this day there’s still no sound quite like a vocoder and it’s a must-have in any producer’s arsenal. Whether you want to emulate the classics or shape the next- generation of vocal production, BV-X puts the vocoder’s creative potential in your hands.


BV-X feature 0
“Modern” mode for crisp and clear vocoder effects
BV-X feature 1
“Vintage” mode for that classic analog vocoder sound
BV-X feature 2
Built-in carrier Synth, no external gear needed!
BV-X feature 3
Built-in Effects tailored for voice processing
BV-X feature 4
Automatic pitch detection tracks your vocals
BV-X feature 5
Tweak the vocoder sound and response to your liking


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