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The most popular device in Reason is one you sometimes might not even realize you’re using. Reason’s Combinator is the workhorse of the Reason Rack, empowering the most powerful, complex and tweak-able sounds in your music.

Reasons instruments sound amazing when solo on their own but they take on a whole other dimension when combined with other instruments and effects in the Reason Rack for massively complex sounding patches. And when it comes to containing these creations into a singular preset that can be saved and shared with others, the Combinator is the tool for the job.

Combinators put multiple Rack devices into self-contained presets that are found all throughout Reason’s sound bank and in new Reason+ sound packs every week. Reason 12 introduces an all-new and mightily updated Combinator that will take your presets, and your music, to a whole new level.

Use the Combinator’s Editor to design your own front panels – adding knobs, faders, control wheels, and buttons to build your own Rack device interface powered by Reason’s synths and effects inside. Easily map parameters inside the Combinator to controls on your custom layout, even controlling several devices at once with one simple control. Add your own background images to give your Combinators a personalized look.

Even if you don’t plan to build your own Combinators from scratch or consider yourself more of a beatmaker than a sound-designer, you’ll still be able to use all the new Combinators that are heading your way – with over 100 new and a thousand updated Combinator patches in Reason 12, new Reason+ sound packs coming every week, and the boundless creativity of the Reason community that’s sure to amaze us all.


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Build your own super instrument or effect by combining individual devices
Combinator feature 1
Create custom front panel layouts with knobs, buttons, faders
Combinator feature 2
Assign device parameters to Combinator controls
Combinator feature 3
Create a Macro control for multiple parameters
Combinator feature 4
Control any parameters in your Combinator with CV
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INCLUDEDREASON+A Reason+ subscription always includes the complete Rack and all our devices, including this one. With Reason+ you also get exclusive sounds and patches and, of course, the latest Reason version.
INCLUDEDREASON 13This and 60+ other devices are included in Reason 13—everything you need to Sound like you.