Songwriter's Toolbox

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Devices/Instruments/ID8 Songwriter's Toolbox
A songwriter’s best friend. When all you need is quick access to your most used instruments, ID8 is there for you.

ID8 is the songwriter’s toolbox. The ID8 Instrument Device ships with a wide palette of sounds useful for building a steady foundation for your tracks, like pianos, drums, bass, strings and more. The General MIDI compatible ID8 contains 36 presets divided into nine categories, with four sounds in each category. Import a MIDI file into the Reason sequencer and this device serves as a starting point allowing you to play back the imported MIDI file or change the sound of it.


INCLUDEDREASON+A Reason+ subscription always includes the complete Rack and all our devices, including this one. With Reason+ you also get exclusive sounds and patches and, of course, the latest Reason version.
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