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Devices/Instruments/Monotone Bass Synthesizer
Tailor-made for deep basslines, this is exactly what you need to add that rumble and punch to your low end.

For all the bass heads out there, here’s Monotone: a monophonic supply of speaker rattling low-end. Monotone has a deep and big sound but is inviting and easy to work with. No hidden menus or cryptic controls. Everything you need is at your fingertips when you want it. Monotone is also the bass synth in Reason Compact for iOS. Start your basslines on Reason Compact and scale up your production on your Desktop – Monotone seamlessly integrates in your workflow.


Monotone feature 0
Two analog-style Oscillators with FM and Noise
Monotone feature 1
24 dB/octave Lowpass Ladder Filer for classic synth bass
Monotone feature 2
ADSR Amp Envelope with velocity sensitivity
Monotone feature 3
Chorus and Delay effects
Monotone feature 4
Chorus and Delay effects
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