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Devices/Effects/Neptune Pitch Adjuster & Voice Synth
Gently nudge your vocalist's into key, or go all T-Pain on your vocals. Neptune is also a powerful real-time vocal synth.

Getting a vocal performance right means so much more than hitting the right notes at the right time. Sometimes you get that almost perfect performance with perfect feel and presence, but the singer might have missed a few notes. That’s when Neptune can save the day. Neptune is an advanced pitch adjuster, audio transposer and voice synth. Or play your MIDI keyboard and Neptune will create new harmonies from your vocal tracks in real time, or use it without the original voice to completely change the melody of the song.


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Select Root Note and Scale to keep your vocals in tune
Neptune feature 1
Transpose if you change the key—or want to be a chipmunk
Neptune feature 2
Change the character of your voice using Formant
Neptune feature 3
Built-in Voice Synth for playable polyphonic harmonies
Neptune feature 4
Get perfect tracking with Correction Speed & Preserve Expression
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Outputs to process the Voice Synth separately
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