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Synthesize reality with Objekt, a physical modeling synth for new and unique acoustic sounds. Discover the character of organic instruments and real-world materials. Dynamic, playable, and easily customizable.

Objekt is an open-ended physical modeling synthesizer, meaning it models the properties of acoustic instruments and gives you control over those as parameters. Instead of choosing between pre-made options, it opens the hood to the inner workings of physical modeling synthesis so that you can experiment and approach it like what it really is: a synthesizer.

At the heart of Objekt are three resonating objects, think of them like the instrument itself, with in-depth control to create anything from a string or bell to a skin or something yet unheard. The instrument is then set in motion by the Exciter section. From the short impact of a stick to a wash of noisy static, the Exciter lets you play the instrument in dynamic and wonderful ways. Tweak the sound to suit your needs or invent entirely new instruments with just a few parameter changes. Objekt generates all sound in real time without relying on pre-recorded samples which makes it dynamic, playable, and easily customizable—but also fast and lightweight.

Need somewhere to start? Explore over 500 expertly crafted patches covering a wide range of sounds. Objekt excels at both realistic reproductions and new imaginary instruments that doesn’t exist. Until now. Move any parameter to see what happens. Use the powerful randomizer to slightly alter a patch or morph it to a brand new direction. Start from scratch and see where you end up. Objekt’s designed to be explored on your terms.

Objekt is perfectly integrated into the Reason Rack workflow with the familiar browser, native undo, CV and audio cables, and more. You can even connect any audio signal to the External Input and use any sound to excite the instrument’s resonators to incredible effect, think of it like an “acoustic vocoder”.


Objekt feature 0
Shape how your instrument is struck in the Exciter section
Objekt feature 1
Modal section with tuned resonating Bandpass Filters
Objekt feature 2
Two advanced Object sections with 8 tuned Feedback Delays each
Objekt feature 3
Randomizer mutates any sound into new ones
Objekt feature 4
Reroutable Effects for that final polish
Objekt feature 5
Go deep into sound design in the Modulation Matrix
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