Parsec 2
Spectral Synthesizer

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Parsec Spectral Synthesizer brings the futuristic sound of additive synthesis to the Reason Rack.

Parsec uses additive synthesis to generate sounds. The big difference, compared to subtractive synthesis, is that overtones are added to a basic sine wave signal to form complex signals. The sonic results of additive synthesis can vary dramatically; from standard “analog” type of sounds to extremely rich, complex and animated timbres. Parsec won’t leave you wishing when it comes to sonic horsepower.


Parsec 2 feature 0
Two signal Generators can generate up to 512 sinewaves each
Parsec 2 feature 1
Two Modifiers per Generator for shaping your sound
Parsec 2 feature 2
Two Envelopes for movement and modulation
Parsec 2 feature 3
Widen all partials, only high frequencies, or the generators
Parsec 2 feature 4
Audio In for processing external signals
Parsec 2 feature 5
Take control in the expansive Modulation Matrix

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