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Unexpected, unpredictable, unanticipated, unforeseen, from out of left field or out of the blue. Quad Note Generator is the Player device that creates an endless stream of musical ideas.

Working with Quad Note Generator is a bit like having a co-writer along that says “what if we try this” when you create music. Create melodies, rhythms and harmonies you wouldn’t have thought of with Quad Note Generator. This Player Device from Reason Studios will help create bass lines, leads or other musical phrases to fit your music, based on scale and your preferences for rhythm and variation. What will Quad Note Generator add to your music?


Quad Note Generator feature 0
Continuously generate up to four different random sequences
Quad Note Generator feature 1
Freeze the entire sequence or just a section when you like it
Quad Note Generator feature 2
Set the Pitch parameters to influence the generated note values
Quad Note Generator feature 3
The Rhythm section generates euclidian patterns and variations
Quad Note Generator feature 4
Set and vary the Note Length and Velocity for each note line
Quad Note Generator feature 5
Use CV to control other devices or modulate Quad Note Generator

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