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Reason’s drum machine. If you like the classic pattern based machines from the 80s, then this one is for you.

Redrum is Reason’s original drum machine, really easy to get going with but with enough tweaking options to keep the most discerning beatmaker busy. Redrum is a drum machine with a built-in pattern sequencer. Load your own drum samples into its ten channels, or load up one of the included preset kits. In addition to the pattern sequencer, Redrum can also be played from Reason’s main sequencer or via MIDI.


Redrum feature 0
10 stereo channels for loading, editing, and playing back samples
Redrum feature 1
32 Patterns divided into four banks (A, B, C, D)
Redrum feature 2
Each Pattern can be up to 64 steps
Redrum feature 3
Individual Audio and Gate outputs, plus Gate and CV inputs
Redrum feature 4
Two Send Effect outputs
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