Reason 12 Reason Rack Plugin

DAW Expansion Reason 12 - the perfect expansion to your DAW

Plug a huge supply of premium synthesizers, sampled instruments and effects into your favorite DAW. Reason 12 adds the Reason Rack Plugin–a VST3/AU/AAX version of the legendary Reason Rack with all its devices, creative sound design, modular routing and a huge library of loops, sounds and samples.

Image shows dragging of synth + effect + player

Reason Rack Your dream rack is here

Create any sound you want by dragging instruments and effects to the Reason Rack. Everything is automatically connected for you in a logical top-to-bottom flow.

Start with an instrument. Add an effect by dropping it under the instrument. Add a MIDI Player effect by dragging and dropping to the top.

Image shows quick browsing to awesome sound + dragging combi patch to rack + open combi

Sound supply

For quick access to amazing sounds, find what you need in among thousands of synth patches, sampled instruments, loops and sounds created by world-class sound designers.

You’ll find patches for specific devices or Combinator patches that combines any number of instrument and effects to deliver just the sound you need.

Image shows reasonably easy-to-grasp connection like synth LFO to mixer pan etc.

Patch cord paradise

Scary to some and strangely alluring to others, the backside of Reason’s rack is where you can go all-modular with the free routing of audio and control voltage signals. Control synth filters from envelope followers, control panning with LFOs or split up the audio signal to create huge sonic landscapes with parallel processing.

If this isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry. You can make music in Reason without ever diving into cable-town.


image of daw + Reason Rack Plugin

Reason’s rack, instruments, effects and sounds are all included in Reason Rack Plugin, while sequencing and mixing is left to the host DAW.

MIDI out device image

Drag MIDI clips directly from Redrum, Dr. OctoRex etc to your sequencer.

Super stylish montage of really really good looking format logos

Reason Rack Plugin is available as a VST3 plugin (macOS/Windows), an AAX plugin (macOS/Windows) and an AU plugin (macOS).