ChordSet & NoteSet Bundle

Creative Chord Bundle

Retouch Control

  • • Creative chord bundle
  • • Trigger chords by single MIDI input
  • • Correct and filter incoming notes

Expand the potential for new musical ideas with the ChordSet & NoteSet bundle. Thanks to the ChordSet Rack Extension, you can quickly create interesting chords and chord progressions. Once you have the chords down, connect ChordSet to the NoteSet player and start experimenting with melodic ideas in total freedom, knowing that any note you play from a MIDI keyboard, from a MIDI clip in the sequencer or from a device like Matrix, will be in tune with the chords. With “Linked” mode, you can now fully customize for each chord the notes that NoteSet uses for correction or filtering, thus adding a new dimension to improvisation and the crafting of melodic ideas.

You can also use ChordSet and NoteSet together in a combinator to create flexible keyboard splits where you use part of the keyboard to play one-finger chords, while the rest you can dedicate to playing melodies.

Included in this bundle

  • ChordSet
    Harmony Module
    ChordSet is a utility device which allows to program, store and play “one-finger” chords. Connect it to your favorite sound modules (synths, samplers, etc.) via the Note and Gate CV...

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  • NoteSet Corrector || Filter
    NoteSet Player
    New in version 1.2.0 - in addition to Correct and Filter, there’s also the Mapped option, which maps the chord notes to the white keys, making it easier to jam along by playing just the...

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