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Efektor Bass Distortion Bundle

3 Bass Distortions


  • • Efektor Bass Cruncher Preamp
  • • Efektor Bass Driver Preamp
  • • Efektor Bass Smasher Distortion

• Three models of Bass Distortions
• Full spectrum of distorted bass tones
• Versatile to use on any low-freq instruments

Included in this bundle

  • Efektor Bass Cruncher Preamp
    Bass Tube Preamp FX
    Bass Tube Preamp FX Engine We put our proprietary third generation tube engine into a single effect unit created to add some spicy tone to bass instruments. Efektor Cruncher brings colors and...

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  • Efektor Bass Driver Preamp
    Bass Preamp/DI FX
    Bass Preamp/DI FX Engine Inspired by a renowned bass DI unit, Efektor Driver provides an extensive range of tonal shaping capabilities to satisfy your interest in low and deep sounds. Bring out...

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  • Efektor Bass Smasher Distortion
    Bass Distortion FX
    Bass Distortion FX Engine Developed specifically for bass guitar or any other low frequency instrument, Efektor Smasher delivers massive and heavy distortion which covers a broad range of dirty...

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