SAE Guitar Bundle

4 ReFills in 1 Bundle!

Sounds And Effects

  • • Distorted electric
  • • Clean electric
  • • Bottle slide electric

All of the Sounds And Effects Electric Guitars, Steel String Guitar, Reggae Electric, and Nylon String Guitar


  • Distorted electric, clean electric, including styles like bottle slide guitar and Reggae rythmic electric guitar.

  • Ultra realistic hi-end steel string Martin and Taylor

  • Fireside Nylon twangy south-western style guitar.

System requirement: This bundle requires Reason 12 or a Reason+ subscription

Included in this bundle

  • Electrified!
    Electric Guitars
    Electrified! Allows you a huge pallet of electric guitar sounds and styles for use in your tracks. This ReFill features the sounds of $30,000 worth of vintage and modern guitars and amps....

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  • Fireside Nylon Guitar
    Solo Nylon Guitar
    This ReFill requires Reason 12 or a Reason+ subscription Twangy nylon guitar evocatave of the Southwest and late nights around a fire.

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  • Pure Acoustic Full
    Acoustic Guitars
    * The combinator patches for the Full version require a Reason 12 license or a Reason+ subscription The instrument replaces both the SE version, and the Full version, which was previously priced...

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  • The Reggae Guitar
    Reggae Style Strat
    Reggae guitar playing style is much different than rock, jazz guitar or other styles - it’s much more oriented towards rhythm and rhythmic accents and noises than just playing leads or chords. ...

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