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Virtual Bassist Bundle

Legends of Low End

UJAM Development GmbH

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High-End Professional, Low-End Satisfaction

New tech, new instruments, meticulous sampling, AI-modeled realism and so much more. These are the most modern bass player plug-ins ever made: Create convincing bass player performances with the best-emulated gear from bass to amp to speakers to effects to mix.

Bass is the cornerstone of so many contemporary musical styles–supporting the harmonies and bridging the gap between rhythm, chords, and melodies. A great bassline makes tracks sound full and complete, elevating the groove and realizing the intended musical mood. If the bass is wrong, your track is in trouble. Bass matters!

The Virtual Bassist series from UJAM Instruments - including ROYAL, ROWDY, and MELLOW - is a collection of easy to use virtual instrument plug-ins, delivering ultra-realistic and expressive bass guitar performances for your production.

Beginners and pros appreciate Virtual Bassist’s sonic authenticity while not compromising on ease of use. With its cutting-edge AI-assisted articulations and custom-made effects, the Virtual Bassist series is nothing less than the most excellent sounding and easiest to use bass guitar plug-in available.

All Virtual Bassist products include two control modes. Player mode gives you easy access, just set the musical key and input with chords to play and your Virtual Bassist acts as a bass player following your instructions, choosing the most appropriate from phrases and articulations for your bassline. For more control, the Instrument mode will let you play the keyboard or a MIDI controller to input basslines, using the extensive sample set, including dead notes, full stops, and satisfyingly roaring slides.

Included in this bundle

  • Virtual Bassist Mellow
    Virtual Bassist MELLOW
    Rack Extension Soulful Modern Double Bass Here comes Virtual Bassist MELLOW – a smooth and hip acoustic double bass. With its body, texture and huge bottom end, MELLOW makes an excellent companion...

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  • Virtual Bassist Rowdy
    Virtual Bassist ROWDY
    Rack Extension Rough and Driven Picked Rock Bass Virtual Bassist ROWDY is the rebellious and high energy virtual bassist. With lots of bite, ROWDY is the specialist for picked overdriven electric...

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  • Virtual Bassist Royal
    Virtual Bassist ROYAL
    Rack Extension All-Purpose Pop and Rock Bass Virtual Bassist ROYAL – this hand-selected vintage electric bass was modified with the best electronics money can buy. The sampling sessions were...

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