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Efektor Pitch Bundle

Pitch Manipulator Trio


  • • Efektor Meloditron Smart Harmony
  • • Efektor Harmonitron Harmonizer
  • • Efektor Whammo Pitch Shifter

The pitch manipulator trio. Now available as a bundle. The new Efektor
Meloditron, Harmonitron, and Whammo pedals at a reduced price.

Unleash a world of boundless possibilities with the Efektor Pitch Bundle.
This powerful collection of harmonizers and pitch shifters empowers you to
shape your guitar sound in ways you never thought possible. From bending
and shifting notes to creating mesmerizing harmonies, this bundle opens
doors to new musical dimensions. Elevate your sonic creativity and explore
a universe of harmonization with the Efektor Pitch Bundle.

Included in this bundle

  • Efektor Harmonitron Harmonizer
    Quad Harmonizer FX
    POLY PITCHY HARMONY Introducing KUASSA EFEKTOR HARMONITRON – the ultimate pitch shifting and harmonizing tool for sound designers and music producers. Unleash the power of pitch manipulation to...

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  • Efektor Meloditron Smart Harmonizer
    Smart Harmony Engine
    Embrace the Smart & Flawless Harmonization Imagine having two virtuosos harmoniously jamming alongside you, consistently in perfect sync. Kuassa Efektor Meloditron follows your artistic...

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  • Efektor Whammo Pitch Shifter
    Pitch shifter/bender
    READY, SHIFT, GO! There aren’t many examples of gears that stand against the test of time, and there are even less that continue to be relevant in today’s generation. However,...

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