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Noise Engineering's Freequel Bundle

Free Eurorack bundle

Noise Engineering

  • • Ruina
  • • Sinc Vereor
  • • Virt Vereor

Audio examples

Noise Engineering’s Freequel Bundle includes two synths based on our Eurorack products (Sinc Vereor and Virt Vereor) and our multi-distortion, Ruina. Each uses the synthesis from the modules to create Rack Extensions that are versatile and unlike anything you own.

Get them now for free!

Included in this bundle

  • Ruina
    Ruina is a versatile multi-distortion with wavefolding, octavizing, phase shifting, multiband saturation, filtering, and DOOM. Inspired by our hardware distortion modules, Ruina takes the magic of...

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  • Sinc Vereor
    Digital VCO
    Sinc Vereor is a powerful synthesizer hidden behind a deceptively simple interface. This wavemorphing subtractive synth uses familiar controls to create unusual sounds different from what you’d...

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  • Virt Vereor
    Digital VCO
    Virt Vereor is a powerful synthesizer based on a unique set of synthesis algorithms. Bass is a quadrature algorithm described in Bernie Hutchins’ seminal series Electronotes. Sawx is a...

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