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Amalgam Cinema

Patches for Amalgam

Loop Depot

  • • 300 patches for the Amalgam FM Synthesizer
  • • Atmospheric presets for the future, available now.
  • • 5 Combinator 2 effect patches included

Audio examples


  • Ekssperimental Sounds’ AMALGAM FM / Subtractive Synthesizer
  • Reason 12 or Reason+ is required for the Combinator 2 patches

The Amalgam FM Synthesizer from Ekssperimental Sounds Studio is a wonderful device for unique atmospheric sounds. Rumbling noises, laser beams, zapping fragments, creepy filter sweeps - that is what you can expect from this pack. Spice up your video content or give your tracks the extra bit of character they need.

Thanks to Amalgam’s subtractive synthesis its character has a very electronic vibe. So the second aspect of this pack are patches to create tunes that will destroy the dancefloor. Rave stabs, ground shaking basses and classic leads. Combined with some of the atmosphere patches you will get a very uncompromising sound that is hard to find.

As a bonus, we included five Combinator 2 patches leveraging the Amalgam effect section. This gives you the opportunity to apply these great effects on other sound sources as well - easy and with direct access to all of the relevant parameters.

The download includes the single patch files AND the ReFill version.