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Deep & Melodic Techno

Loops & Samples


  • • Powerful tribal-tinged beats
  • • Dubby chord progressions and evolving pads
  • • Analogue techno for the headz!
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Deep & Melodic Techno

Audio examples

Dive deep into the world of deep melodic techno with powerful tribal-tinged beats, brooding basslines, anthemic analogue arps and leads, dubby chord progressions and evolving pads that ooze with inspiration. Fusing deep, melodic, dub and mainroom techno, this one pulls in varied influences such as Diynamic, Innervisions, Traum and Life and Death. Deep, underground, analogue techno for the headz!

Product details

Drum Loops > Techy, trippy, tribal-tinged workouts that hit hard. Each beat comes with a full mix, plus the usual stripped stems (percussion-only, hats-only, kick-free, kick/snare) and are precision-cut for ultimate beat making ease...
Bass Loops > Deep analogue loops, dark tones and distorted riffs packed with low-end punch and funk. All loops are key-labeled and tempo-synced for maximum convenience. Offered with MIDI where possible.
Synth Loops > Anthemic analogue leads and arpeggios, tranced-out pucks and emotive melodic motifs abound in this wide-ranging collection of melodic techno inspiration. All loops are key- and tempo-synced and offered with MIDI versions where possible.
Percussion Loops > Analogue percussion, found-sound elements and digital sound design collide across a diverse selection of syncopated and spaced-out percussion tools.
Chord Loops > Raw, retro-esque chord progressions, delay-dipped dub chords, bright re-triggered chuggers and more. Seriously deep melodic tools to explore and all key-labeled and tempo-synced throughout. Offered with MIDI where possible.
Pad Loops > Yearning synths, evolving textures, melodic drones and complex tones. Rich melodic pads bursting with movement and emotion for deep melodic techno. All key-labeled and tempo-synced and offered with MIDI where possible.
One-Shots > 125+ selection of kicks, claps, hats, snares and percussion sounds for those who want total beat control. Load into your sampler of choice and make killer beats in minutes.


Released: 2018-12-28
Version: 1.0.0