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Combinator 2 Patches

Hurton Audio

  • • 184 Combinator 2 Patches
  • • 100 Thor Patches
  • • 70 NNXT Patches

Audio examples

Climb to the top of night city with this cyberpunk inspired ReFill, loaded with brutal drum kits, dystopian synth patches and worldwide string hits.

The synth patch portion of this ReFill features 100 Thor patches, with additional Combinator 2 housing, inspired by the cyberpunk genre. Featuring dreamy pads, DX plucks and raw poly patches as well as deep reese basses and scrambled FX. The mod wheel plays a key part in most of these patches, controlling filter parameters, ambience or vibrato.

The One Shot portion houses 70 key matched patches ranging from asian strings to evolving cinematic pads. Including a range of guitar patches processed with rare stomp boxes for glistening clean sounds, brutal distortion and edgy fuzz. Each guitar tone is sampled with played variations so you can craft a more realistic guitar part. Finishing up with blown out poly synths, psychotic bit crushed FX and futuristic plucks these are the most creative one shots to feature in a GHS pack to date.

A library of over 400 WAV Drum machine hits with 14 purpose built Kong and Combinator 2 kits. Heavy overdriven 909s supply the meat of these kits with glitchy percussion. The Cyberware kit showcases the subtle side of the pack with shimmering 808 style percussion and bit crushed drum hits.

GHS08 is created by sampling the Roland TR-09, Roland A-01, Roland TR8, Roland XV5050, Roland System 1-m, Korg Volca Drums, Korg NTS-1, Korg Microkorg XL+ and Fender Meteora (Player Series). These samples are processed with the following effects; Hotone Djent, Hotone Krush, Hotone Golden Touch, Hotone Verb, Hotone Octa, Electro Harmonix Oceans 11, Electro Harmonix Platform, DOD Ice Box, Idiot Box D4 (Fuzz), Line 6 Filter Pro.

The GHS08 demo songs are made solely using the GHS08 ReFill.

All Samples Sampled at 24 bit, 48kHz. Requires Reason+ or Reason 12