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Parsec 2 Lithium B
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Parsec 2 Lithium B

Patches for Parsec

DNA Labs

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Audio examples

Creative new sounds…. The Parsec 2 Lithium B Refill contains extremely high quality patches designed to express the pure strength of the Parsec 2 Synthesizer. This sound bank has a healthy and unheard palette of unique new sounds like the Be Amorpheous Droplets, Be Breathtakers Glass Bells, Be Ghost Trap 1, Be Trill Lullaby, Ch Slow Pulse Choir, Gt Polaris X, Gu Decepticon Guitar, and Ld Dance 2022 to name a few. This refill has 70 quality patches. The Parsec 2 Lithium B Refill will definitely inspire the creativity in any producer or artist!