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RV7000 MkII Patches

Convolution Reverb

Reason Studios

  • • Extra patches for RV7000 MkII
  • • Impulse Reverb patches from leading producers
  • • Free download
RV7000 MkII Patches

Video clips

Real rooms, vintage springs, guitar cabinets or the inside of a piano. Place your music inside any space imaginable with RV7000mkII’s new convolution mode.

The RV7000 MkII ReFill, a free download for all, is designed for use with the new Convolution algorithm in RV7000, included in Reason 8.3. It comes with hundreds of impulse responses—essentially sampled rooms—and a large set of expertly crafted patches, giving you access to the sounds of tape delays, spring reverbs, caves and even the Reason Studios office kitchen.

Product details


  • ALL General reverbs, suitable for many kinds of instruments and sounds
  • AMB Ambiences, rooms and small spaces
  • CAB Speaker / cabinet emulations. Typically used as insert effects!
  • DRM Reverb patches suitable for drums and percussion
  • EFX Special effects
  • EKO Patches with pronounced echoes
  • SPR Spring reverb patches
  • VOX Reverbs suitable for vocals

Included content

The included IR samples were generously provided by: - - - - CutUp - - Greg Hopkins - J Chris Griffin - - Ostermilk - Paul Rostill - Sterioevo - Terminal Function

Reverb patches by:

  • J Chris Griffin
  • Arsenic
  • CutUp
  • Nardy
  • Navi Retlav
  • Ostermilk
  • Paul Rostill
  • Sterioevo
  • Synclab
  • Terminal Function
  • Reason Studios

Note: A few patches use audio samples from the Reason Factory Sound Bank or Orkester ReFills. Also, some combi patches may use Reason devices. These patches will not work properly if you load them in Reason Essentials. However, the majority of patches (and all the Impulse Response samples) will work fine with Reason Essentials.


Released: 2015-06-29
Version: 1.0.0