RV7000 MkII Advanced Convolution Reverb
Do you crave sophistication in reverberation? Look no further than the RV7000 MkII, Reason’s fantastic-sounding convolution reverb.

Explore what your music sounds like in any space with the expertly sampled library of rooms in Reason’s new RV700 MkII convolution reverb. This device embeds your sounds in the rich, transparent reverb that only the most sophisticated reverb machines are capable of. In short, it sounds amazing.

And despite its pro studio sound and million-dollar features, this machine is very easy to use. Your basic reverb controls are located on the main panel—for instant access and control—and the rest, eight separate knobs for algorithms and their parameters, can be accessed from a fold-out remote at the touch of a button.

The Reverb

With RV7000 MkII, Reason’s cornerstone reverb gets a powerful convolution engine. Simply access an expertly sampled library of rooms to add space and dimension to your music. Hear your tracks play back in spaces ranging from crawlspaces and bathrooms, to grand auditoriums, stairwells and more. Load any of the supplied impulse responses or create your own otherworldly reverb effects by sampling or loading your own impulse responses. Enhance your tracks, create musical atmosphere, and hear your music in a whole new way just by adding RV7000 MkII to your sound.

The EQ

Hitting the EQ switch on the front panel calls up a handy parametric and low shelving equalizer for additional tweaking of your reverberated signal. Combine this section with the HF Damp and HF Smooth knobs on the front panel, and be the master of your wet signal's every frequency.

The Gate

Instead of having a traditional gate algorithm squeezed in with the others, the RV7000 MkII keeps its gate on the outside, letting you apply gating to any and all reverb types. Ever heard a gated Spring Reverb? You are also free to trigger the gate with CV or MIDI, and to record and automate it as you desire. Which is of course the case with all the knobs and parameters inside and and outside of the RV7000 MkII.

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