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A/B 12 Stereo Audio Inputs Switch

12 Inputs / 1 Output


  • • Switch 12 audio inputs
  • • 3 control modes
  • • Midi switching for live performance

A/B Test your audio!

The pongasoft A/B 12 Audio In Switch is a 2U FREE utility that lets you switch between 12 audio stereo inputs using various approaches.

3 control modes for the 12 inputs

  • in single mode, only one input is active at a time and you can switch to another with a single click (or key on your keyboard). Perfect for A/B testing!
  • in multiple mode, any combination of inputs can be active at a time (similar to the Solo concept).
  • in instrument mode, you control the switch as if you were playing an instrument. Perfect for quickly coming up with creative ideas or live performance.

External control

  • 12 Gate In inputs lets you control the switch from another device
  • 12 Gate Out outputs lets you control other devices from the switch (ex: a Kong device).

A/B bank switching

The switch is split into 2 banks of inputs which can be independently turned on or off. A convenient control also lets you instantly toggle between the 2 banks, effectively implementing another level of switching.

Miscellaneous features

  • Each switch can be labeled independently.
  • Each switch has its own volume control.
  • A soften toggle helps in eliminating clicks and pops that can occur during switching.

Although designed as a utility, the switch can be used very creatively as well!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible