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A/B Audio & CV Switch

Switch Audio and/or CV


A/B Test your audio!

The pongasoft A/B Audio & CV Switch is a 1U FREE utility that lets you switch with one simple click between 2 audio inputs and independently 2 CV inputs.

Use the switch as a comparison (A/B testing) tool

Its one-click instant switching capability lets you:

  • easily audition 2 different versions of audio sources (with an option to soften the transition to eliminate clicks and pops)
  • hear the distinction when 2 different CV sources are applied to a device

Use the switch in your production

Since the switch can be automated, you can use it in your production to simplify some tasks, for example:

  • switch between 2 mutually exclusive audio tracks at various points in your mix (you automate the switch vs automating mute/unmute on 2 tracks)
  • switch between 2 different LFOs with very different parameters (you automate the switch vs automating each parameter)

Although designed as a utility, the switch can be used very creatively as well!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible