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Carve EQ Ducker

Dynamic Equalizer

Ochen K.

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Carve is a dynamic EQ ducker. It takes the frequency signature of one audio signal and uses that as a profile to cut frequencies of a second audio signal. Maybe you have a guitar track and keyboard track that share the same frequency range. They might compete with each other and become muddy. Now, you can use Carve to take the frequency profile of some or all of the guitar track and remove those same frequencies from the keyboard track. No more muddiness!

Product details

Carve is a great tool when mixing. Get all your tracks to sit nicely in the frequency spectrum by eliminating frequency battles.

To use Carve, route the audio signal that you want to EQ through the "SIG" audio connections. Route the audio of the signal that you want Carve to analyze through the "REF" audio connections. When the REF audio plays, Carve analyzes that signal and builds a frequency profile that it cuts from the SIG audio.

Only want to cut one portion of the REF signal? Use the Low Pass (LP) and High Pass (HP) brick wall limiters to narrow the range of audio effected. That way, you can have just a slice of the audio range from the REF audio effect the SIG audio.

Use Amount (AMT) to change the intensity of the cut. Attack (ATK) and Release (REL) control how fast the cut ramps up and down.

Check out the video to the right to see Carve in action.

Update 1.0.1 Added "Sens" (Sensitivity) knob. This trims the REF In audio signal to allow subtle cutting while using hot reference audio.

Update 1.0.2 Low frequency distortion bug fixed.

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Released: 2015-07-03
Version: 1.0.2