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Creative chord player


  • • Creative chord player tool
  • • Play 35 chord on 12 keys
  • • Huge scale and chord library for chord generation

Use the keyboard accidentals (black keys) to toggle between five customisable sets of seven chords (playable on the white keys).

Chordline is about getting creative with the TonicMint scales library expanded, with a full interval and chord library you can automatically generate a full Chordset based on any chosen key, scale and chord configuration.

Tweak any note of any chord manually, on the five octave piano display or with the set of common Chord Tools, or use some of the uncommon tools to effect probability and velocity.

On the Navigator panel you get an informative display of all five Chordsets for quick selecting and of course there are the automatable octave and semitone shifters.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible