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CV Meter

CV Monitor & Source

DLD Technology

CV-2 Meter is a simple way to either monitor existing CV/Gate signals, or inject new CV signals into other devices.

Monitor what your CV devices are doing and add large controls to your CV inputs for FREE!

Product details

The 2 large analogue meters clearly show the CV signal being monitored or generated, 2 large lamps show the gate status.

If no external CV source is connected, then the large dials and switches can be used to generate a CV/gate signal useful for controlling other devices.

Each CV/Gate value has 2 identical outputs to allow multiple devices to be controlled from the same signal.

The analogue meter can show unipolar or bipolar values by using the switches on the rear.

CV-2 Meter is so simple to use that you won't need to read the non-existent manual.



Released: 2014-05-12
Version: 1.0.0