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CV Suite Parametrix

Automate CVs


  • • Use Automation To Control CV Signals

CV Suite Parametrix is the third child of the CV Suite RE series by Quadelectra. Its a simple, handy device that turns any CV Input in to an automatable parameter.

Product details

CV Suite Parametrix is the third "child" of our CV Suite Line series...

This is a simple straightforward and very handy device that will turn any CV Input in an automatable parameter.

  • Four individual parameter to CV converters can be controlled per device.

  • You can select whether each parameter will expand across bipolar or unipolar range...

  • All parameters can be named by clicking to the label tapes next to the headings.

  • An additional dedicated CV Modulation Input is provided per parameter, the range (trim knob) and the appliance of which you can set and automate too from the front panel.

Possible Uses

  • Use the CV Parametrix unit to apply filtering and modulation of the values, of the controlled parameters using other CV modulation sources such as the CV Suite Line Processor.

  • Embed a CV Parametrix unit inside a Combinator, and connect it's CV ins to Parametrix'es CV outs to double the amount of controlled Combinator parameter knobs to 8!

  • Use the second CV out of each parameter, or a CV splitter to control multiple instrument parameters with one knob.

Update 1.0.1:

  • Fixed a bug that caused Parameter 3 not to respond to BP value changes.



Released: 2013-11-06
Version: 1.0.1