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DoubleDutch CV Wrangler

DoubleDutch CVW

17 Frames Media

  • • An intuitive way to generate new LFOs.
  • • Flexible CV control.
  • • Instant display feedback.

Audio examples

Take your CV’s into overdrive

At its core, the DoubleDutch CV Wrangler is a simple idea. It squeezes one CV signal (C) between two others (A and B).

The CVs can come from anywhere in Reason: The Pulsar of course, but also LFO and envelope outputs from synths (even VSTs), the Matrix, Vocoder and audio followers (like the Pulveriser)

The result is a new level of intuitive control and idea sparking fun for your sound manipulation projects

Negative Space

Sometimes less is more. In DoubleDutch this is proven by the ALT section of the instrument.

The alt gives the C-CV a rest when the A-CV is below the B-CV. And when you are in ‘rest mode’ there are three choices about what to do in the meantime:

  • Stay with A
  • Stay with B
  • Midpoint between them

Line by line CV shaping

Sometimes the incoming signal is good, but quite to your liking. To help you with this we have added a set of helpers:

  • A connected indicator.
  • A Scale knob that takes you from 0 to 200%.
  • An Offset knob that will shift the signal up or down
  • A display toggle to selectively compare the signals
Mac OS compatible Windows compatible