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Long Playing CV

17 Frames Media

  • • Slow-CV that works even when in loop mode
  • • It's free!
  • • It's FREE!!!

Audio examples

LPCV FREE is a light CV device that only does one thing: it goes from one value to another. The catch is that it can take a really long time to get there. Like super long. The time range goes from one bar to one-hundred bars.
The other catch is that it will still take that long, even if you are working in a loop mode.
This way you can breath movement, build-ups and long falls into the short loops you are working with. Then, when you are ready to go back to song mode, those same variations will still be there.

Also, there is a Reset button that will restart the CV. In loop mode, it activates when the loop starts again. Otherwise it restarts instantly.

So I know that many are finding it tough out there at the moment. I just wanted to say, enjoy this freebie and hang in there. Try and notice and appreciate more of the little things around you and, as we have been saying here in NZ a lot lately, be kind to each other.

also…. make some noise!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible