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DR4 Quad Drum Trigger

Percussion Sequencer

DLD Technology

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The DR4 Quad Drum Trigger is a great way to quickly add drum patterns to your track.

The device has 4 channels which can output one of 16 patterns via CV gate, this can be used to fire the drums from Kong, Redrum, or many other Reason instruments.

By combining these patterns and different offsets, interesting and unique drum patterns can be easily created. A full range of CV inputs are also available for those who want to get a bit experimental.

Product details

Each DR4 device has 4 controllers with 16 patterns ideal for drum machines. Simply connect the CV gate output of each channel to the CV gate input of the sound to trigger.

By adding 4 DR4 devices, you can trigger each drum in a Kong device. Or try connecting it to a synth with the Matrix controlling the pitch to create funky bass lines.

Each of the 16 sequences can be offset by +/- 8 steps, allowing you to create standard drum patterns in seconds. For the more experimental, add a LFO to the offset CV input on the rear to continuously move drum parts around in real time.

Each of the channels has a play button that can be used for previewing the pattern, or restarting the pattern whilst playing. This can be controlled via CV to create stuttering effects.

Finally, the Swing knob can be used to add a subtle, or extreme amount of swing to the drums to make things a bit more groovy.



Released: 2013-05-22
Version: 1.0.2