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ES10 Analog Synthesizer

Classic Analog Synth

Ekssperimental Sounds

  • • Classic Analog Vibes & Familiar Layout
  • • Versatile Sound Sculpting & Intuitive Workflow
  • • Polyphony, Aftertouch & Velocity Modulation

Audio examples

Experience the timeless essence of analog synthesis with the ES10. Designed for effortless access to iconic sound and intuitive workflow!

  • Classic Analog Vibes: Inspired by a legendary synthesizer known for its iconic sound and intuitive layout, the ES10 delivers vibes of that sought-after vintage character, perfect for quick, classic synth tones. In other words, not an ordinary emulation but an instrument with strong influences.

  • Familiar Layout: With controls and layout reminiscent of a certain legendary synth, the ES10 offers instant familiarity for those seeking that classic analog experience, allowing for quick and intuitive sound sculpting.

  • Versatile Sound Sculpting: From gritty basslines and soaring leads to soft pads and atmospheric drones, the ES10’s flexible oscillator and filter options provide a wide range of sonic possibilities, while dynamic modulation from the onboard LFO and envelope generator adds depth and movement to your sounds.

  • Enhanced Performance: With polyphony, velocity sensitivity, and aftertouch capabilities, the ES10 expands your creative palette, allowing for expressive playing and intricate sound design.

  • Seamless Integration: Fully compatible with Reason’s workflow, the ES10 seamlessly integrates into your setup, enhancing your creative process without getting in the way. Connect external devices and modular setups with CV to interact with many parameters of the ES10, unlocking endless possibilities for sonic exploration.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible