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ES204 Filter Delay

ES204 Filter & Delay

Ekssperimental Sounds

  • • Characteristic filter, known from ES01
  • • Delay circuit ranging from 0 to 4 seconds
  • • Great looking GUI & Easy to use

Audio examples

ES204 Voltage Controlled Filter & Digital Delay incorporates two filters with CV control in the feedback loop of a digital delay circuit with times ranging from 0 to 4 seconds. Since the filters are placed within the feedback loop it’s possible to filter each repetition making anything a warm organic echo that can be pushed into screaming noisy mayhem. Do be aware of the feedback amount, it will self resonate on higher settings and when adding resonance to the filter the sound can get really loud quickly! By minimising the delay and feedback to zero while having mix set to 100% the filter will act just as a regular high pass/low pass filter.

ES204 comes with the same range options as found on ES01; Original and Extended Mode, and 12 or 24 dB/oct slope.
The input stage has gain control and option for Clean, Digital or Tube character.

On the pack panel you will find audio in- and outputs along with CV connections and two switches for the filters ranges and slopes. The EXTENDED mode widens the frequency and resonance range while the ORIGINAL setting keeps true to the default settings of ES01.

ES204 comes with the DB1000 Databank attached for easy storing and loading of patches and monitoring of the output signal.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible