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Extreme Dynamics

Extreme Dynamics

Makeshift Design

  • • Operating both above and below threshold
  • • Enormous gain range of ±120 dB
  • • Gain function graph on display

Extreme Dynamics is a versatile compressor/expander device, which offers a wide range of control options and monitoring capabilities. It features 5 different gain control functions operating both above and below the threshold level, look-ahead and peak modes, several A/R envelope filter tuning options, controllable saturation effect, a segmented meter display and a 2D scope display to monitor the device operation. If you like experimenting with compressors and especially visualizing what you are doing, this is the tool for you.

Product details

What this device features:

  • 3 compressor and 2 expander modes, which can be applied both above and below the threshold and combined in any possible way. It can perfectly emulate all the built-in Reason compressors (except for auto-release mode) and many of the others.
  • Upward compression (below threshold). It can bring near silent (-120dB) signals back to audible range.
  • Look-ahead delay mode. The input signal is delayed before the gain changes are applied to it. It is automatically delay compensated.
  • Peak mode. It also allows for gradual change between peak and averaging follower.
  • True RMS follower mode.
  • Soft-knee segment around the threshold point.
  • Segmented meter display, which can show 3 different signals: the applied gain, the input(sidechain) relative to the threshold, and the output.
  • The scope display to watch the actual gain curve you will get with the parameters you have set, and to monitor the signal response.
  • Input/output of the raw gain modulation signal as CV or in audio sample rate resolution.
  • Controllable saturation effect (harmonic distortion) driven by dynamics gain.

What this device cannot do:

  • It does not limit the output signal. You may (accidentally) set it up to overdrive the output by +120 dB. Protect your ears and equipment.
  • It does not prevent clicks and pops when you operate switches during the initial parameter set up.
  • It does not distinguish background noise from the desired signal. You can set it up so that the tiniest noise is amplified up to the normal signal levels.
  • It does not have a Dry/Wet control. If you want a parallel compression, you will need to arrange it yourself.

Revision History

1.1.1 Add saturation effect. Update front panel image.

1.0.1 Initial release.


Operation Manual



Released: 2020-02-25
Version: 1.1.1


Makeshift Design