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Forgotten Wave Shaper

Wave Shaper

Forgotten Clank Studios

  • • Asymmetric and symmetric mode
  • • Adjustable curves
  • • Tons of modulation parameters

Audio examples

The Forgotten Waveshaper 2 is around the corner and owners of version 1.x will get a free update while supplies last and a big discount in case all the free updates have been given away already!

With the Forgotten Wave Shaper, you have the tools in your hands and the craziest distortion algorithms imaginable at your fingertips. No compromises and full customizability! Draw the wave shaping curve exactly as you'd like - whether it should be symmetric or asymmetric. Adjust the amount with the dry/wet control and blast your listeners away with a fat and crunchy guitar or make them listen for subtle saturation.

Product details

  • Easy and intuitive display-based operation
  • Symmetric and asymmetric mode
  • Up to 25 points in asymmetric and 50 points in symmetric mode
  • Adjustable curves for each individual point with a huge range of slopes
  • Three different shapes of slopes!
  • Automatable parameters for modulation goodness
  • Oversampling option to clean up the distortion
  • Peak and RMS meters to more quickly set levels and adjust points
  • ...and much more!


  • Minor bugfix


  • NEW! Added two automatable parameters to transition between the default circle-like curve, a polynomial and an s-curve
  • NEW! Added oversampling capability for cleaner distortion
  • NEW! Added an automatable parameter to translate points horizontally
  • NEW! Added CV inputs for all parameters on the front
  • NEW! "Smart Gain" will help you compensate for increased volume
  • NEW! There is now a pre/post mode for the dry/wet knob which switches the order of dry/wet and output gain
  • NEW! "Infinity Mode" will continue the wave shaping pattern above 0 dbFS
  • NEW! "Force Clipping" will make designing clipping distortion easier
  • Visual overhaul
  • Knob automation will now result in smoother audio
  • You can now hold "alt" to lock the horizontal position of a point
  • Reworked draw-precision: Inverted value but better image on maximum precision
  • Performance improvement
  • Improved crispness of the display
  • Improved peak detection
  • Various bugfixes


  • Added two automatable parameters, the "slope modifier" and "point translator"
  • Use the "unmodifier" button to move points and slopes while the "point translator" is active
  • Use the "bake" knob to bake the settings into the display


Product Manual



Released: 2018-10-30
Version: 1.2.1