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Get Layed - With Sound

Deadman Audio Devices

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"Get Layed – With Sound" is a chainable multi-tap delay specifically designed for Propellerhead’s Reason music studio software.

This Digital Delay Line provides that creative boost to make delay patterns, sequences, and processes never before available in Reason, or most other music systems for that matter.

Get Layed – With Sound has the delay power you need for your most advanced music projects.

This product is included in the Get Layed - With Music bundle.

Product details

Each delayed sound has its own volume control:

Custom delayed volumes can be arranged to make unique effects. Ramp down in volume is still available (just line on all other digital delays), but ramp ups in volume of successive delays can be made too, along with ramp up and down in a triangular fashion, a staggered alternating up and down volume, or whatever volume configuration you can come up with.

Because each delay has its own control, individual delays can be turned off, allowing for custom delay style groups, or have specific delays that are “skipped”.

Each delayed sound has its own left-right pan control:

Delays can bounce from left to right and back, or move over time. They can separate as the delay goes on, or can come back together. Individual control lets you have the stereo movement that you want to give your music that special signature of sound.

Each delayed sound has its own output:

The creative ideas are endless when each delay can be processed on its own. Have the third delay pitch shifted, and the fifth delay pulverized. Make a dry delay that ramps up in volume and the last delay go through a reverb. Set up a creative sound with each delayed signal processed with its own equalization.

Get Layed is chainable:

With chaining, delay units can be placed in series to create as many delayed sounds as needed. A sound can be processed with precisely 22, 23, 24, 25, or however many delays are desired.

Greater delay timing options that other units:

Sync your delay down to the 64th note, or up to two measures long, or up to 2 seconds, and everywhere in between. With the ability to turn off individual delays, specific delays can be extended up to 18 seconds, or 18 measures, before chaining. If chained, a delay can be made to go up to minutes if necessary, just like the tape loops from the old school days. It’s great for live experimental performance art.



Released: 2013-06-12
Version: 1.0.0