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Get Layed - With Music

Digital Delay units

Deadman Audio Devices

This bundle combines Deadman Audio Devices’ two hottest Digital Delay units: Get Layed - With Sound, and Get Layed - With Voltage at a great price!

Combine with One Note Stand (FREE) to get the delay control and power that every musician and producer needs.

Included in this bundle

  • Get Layed - With Sound
    “Get Layed – With Sound” is a chainable multi-tap delay specifically designed for Propellerhead’s Reason music studio software. This Digital Delay Line provides that creative boost to...

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  • Get Layed - With Voltage
    “Get Layed – With Voltage” is a control-voltage chainable multi-tap delay specifically designed for music. Designed specifically for synthesizers and samplers, this Digital Delay Line...

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