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One-Note Stand

Note & Gate Generator

Deadman Audio Devices


Control Voltage Note And Gate Generator

Now there is an interface that allows control voltage note and gate signals to be controlled directly from a MIDI keyboard or from the Reason sequencer, and this is it!

Product details

The perfect accompaniment to Get Layed – With Voltage. With One-Note Stand, Synthesizers can be played directly through their CV Note and Gate inputs. This also provides a control interface for various control voltage processors like Get Layed – With Voltage, so that delayed and octave-shifted sequences can be played as a composer sees fit.

As control voltages can only control one note at a time, so can One-Note Stand, but for control voltage purposes, this is all you need.

ONE-NOTE STAND is a Free Rack Extension provided to you by Deadman Audio Devices.



Released: 2014-03-12
Version: 1.0.1