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Get Layed - With Voltage

Deadman Audio Devices

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"Get Layed – With Voltage" is a control-voltage chainable multi-tap delay specifically designed for music.

Designed specifically for synthesizers and samplers, this Digital Delay Line provides multiple synced control voltage delays with Octave Shifting for notes, allowing for advanced digital delay effects from the origination point.

Use with One-Note Stand to control multiple synthesizers and samplers.

This product is included in the Get Layed - With Music bundle.

Product details

Note delays can be octave shifted:

Two outputs are available for each note and gate that are delayed. But the best part is that each note delayed can be octave shifted up or down by up to 2 octaves.

Multiple signals can be delayed together simultaneously:

When delaying a note and a gate, you also want to delay any other control signals that come with it, like pitch bend and modulation. Four modulation signals can be delayed while synced to the note and gate signals so that all signals work together.

Each delayed signal has its own output:

The creative ideas are endless when each delay can be processed on its own. Filter sweeps can pan across the stereo field, note delays can be sent to individual synthesizers, and more.

Get Layed is chainable:

With chaining, delay units can be placed in series to create as many delayed signals as needed. A signal can be processed with precisely 22, 23, 24, 25, or however many delays are desired.

Greater delay timing options than other units:

Sync your delay down to the 64th note, or up to two measures long, or up to 2 seconds, and everywhere in between. With the ability to skip individual delays, specific delays can be extended up to 18 seconds, or 18 measures, before chaining. If chained, a delay can be made to go up to minutes if necessary. It’s great for live experimental performance art.

Note Generation Available for free with One-Note Stand:

With One-Note Stand, you can play note control voltages directly with your MIDI keyboard or the Reason sequencer, giving you custom control voltage programming ability for all of your songs.



Released: 2013-06-12
Version: 1.0.0