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Mixfood Unison Xs Sample-based Synth

Sample-based Synth

Studio Corbach

  • • 3 Oscillators, 1125 waveforms, extra SUB osc
  • • Unison, FX's, LFO's, Envelopes
  • • 8 Audio outputs

Audio examples

Mixfood Unison Xs is a sample-based synthesizer, the perfect tool for creating deep bass sounds and sharp synth sounds!

Equipped with 3 oscillators with a combined number of 1125! different waveforms (1700 samples), dedicated envelopes, LFO, pitch drop, effects, and a Unison effect with Stereo-spread. On the master output an extra filter is added. On top of it all a Sub oscillator is available to add extra depth to your sounds. For endless creative possibilities 8 audio outputs are available (main mix, ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ signal of each oscillator and sub-osc).

Go Hard, Go Deep, Go Wide!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible