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Moo Q Equalizer

Tube EQ


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The Moo Q Rack Extension plug-in is a software emulation of modern tube-based equalizers. Moo Q goes with audio tracks like milk goes with cookies. Get some Moo in your music with the Moo Q equalizer.

Product details

Fatten up your tracks with the Moo Q Rack Extension equalizer plug-in. The Moo Q smooth equalization curves will bring out the sonic subtleties you're looking for in a moo-sical three-band configuration. Bring on the bass. Milk the mid-range. Shine up that top end. And there's no cow tipping here - you can't make the Moo Q sound bad, because its that good.

Not sure how to get started? Try adjusting the Moo Q gains while leaving the frequency controls at their default setting. If the tone is not quite right, then begin to adjust frequency controls. If boosting is not helping your mix, try some negative gain to carve out space for other tracks.

The Moo Q equalizer. Milk your tracks for all they're worth. Cookies not included.



Released: 2014-07-01
Version: 1.0.4