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MT-1 MetroTone Metronome

Creative Timekeeping

Robotic Bean AB

  • • 4 fresh metronome tones, based on popular DAWs
  • • Relative click levels and double speed
  • • Automatically mutes when exporting

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Metrotone allows you to personalize the metronome click sound in Reason. Expand your creativity with 4 fresh click sounds, meticulously re-synthesized from some of the most popular DAWs. We call them tones: Alive, Cube, Log and Pro. Or use samples triggered via CV! With more control over relative beat level and subdivision, you can get just the click sound you need.

Product details

  • 4 fresh metronome tones, re-synthesized from popular DAWs: Alive, Cube, Log, and Pro
  • CV Gate out for Bar and Beat, to trigger external sound sources
  • Relative Beat Level setting
  • Double Speed doubles the Beat subdivision
  • Auto Mute when exporting (can be disabled on the back panel)
  • Included Combi patches with even more options


  • Metrotone does not support Precount
  • Metrotone supports all Time Signatures, but not Time Signature Automation

Download Cheat Sheet and Remote Map Template



Released: 2016-12-23
Version: 1.0.0