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Multiband Compressor

Multiband Processor

Red Rock Sound

  • • Intuitive management and high quality
  • • Four bands crossover
  • • Large informative graphic display

Compression is one of the most commonly used methods of processing audio in the modern recording, mixing and mastering. This helps to improve the intelligibility of vocals, tame overly aggressive snare drum, and limit the dynamic range through the mix so that the listener does not have to continue to adjust the volume on the playback system.

Multiband compression divides the frequency spectrum into different sections, or strips, so that each of them has its own unique parameters of compression. This allows a longer attack time for the low band of that bass drum to punch through, while keeping a shorter attack time in a higher band to keep the guitar in check. By using a multiband compressor, it is possible to closely tailor the compression to the different elements in a mix and compress the recording more transparently than with a standard single-band compressor.

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible