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Palette Colorizer

Analog emulation

Red Rock Sound

  • • Easy to use
  • • High quality impulse responses
  • • CV IN for controlling the pan, dry and wet signal

Video clips

Red Rock Sound Palette - simulates the signal path of 13 analog devices through the use of convolution and various proprietary non-linear processes. Palette is designed to provide analog-like color and character to the modern digital audio signal.

Product details

Palette is very easy to use, does not require studying the manual. Just add this effect to the original signal and select the desired color.


  • INPUT GAIN — control knob for the Level of the Input Signal

  • COLOR - use "COLOR" buttons to select the appropriate color for your audio signal.

  • TONE - select the intensity of the original IR color from natural to maximal.

  • PAN - control knob for panning only processed signal

  • DRY - control knob for adding amount unprocessed "DRY" signal

  • WET - control knob for adding amount processed "WET" signal


  • Audio Inputs and Outputs
  • CV inputs for controlling the panning, dry and wet signal



Released: 2019-06-03
Version: 1.0.0